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Design Services

Every house is made to conform to customers´ wishes. If a suitable plan for you cannot be found from our designs, we can plan a house to your personal specifications. We offer to our customers a service you do not want to miss - a 3D-modelling service that allows customers to see their house as a visual image from both outside and inside before making a purchase decision. You can even choose your own colours for the house.

Construction Services

We can deliver our customers just the materials of house or include also the construction service. One popular possibility for owner builders is to have a Finnbär specialist to guide you through the building process and work along side with your own construction people. The best craftsmen are at your service.


Laminated Logs

Laminated logs, a planed log glued from 2 or more pieces (Pine or spruce).

Production according to certificate of gluelaminated logs.

Machined Round Logs

Machined Round Logs from slowly growth pine (Pinus Sylvestris).

Dimensions of logs

  • 170 mm
  • 190 mm
  • 210 mm
  • 230 mm

Contact Information

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We deliver 80 % of our product outside of Finland. Main markets are in Europe but our houses are also exported to Australia and China. New areas of export are also welcome.

Please contact your local FINNBÄR sales representatives or us and let’s make your dream come true.


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